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Our Bride Amy

A little while ago, we received a wonderful letter from one of our favorite Brides.

Amy is one of the sweetest girls you will ever have the pleasure of knowing.

She honestly reminded us of a Disney Princess.

We were ready for the deer and birds to follow her into the store.

See what we mean?
Amy bought a clearance dress and, with the help of our Seamstresses, made the gown into the dress of her dreams.

It actually looked like another one of our gowns that was three times more expensive!

This girl knows how to shop smart!

She said in her letter:

I honestly can't say enough about my experience at the Perfect Dress. The size of the selection and the quality of each individual dress by far surpassed the dozen other stores I visited prior. Beyond the dresses themselves standing out from the rest, the staff  helped me feel right at home and was extremely helpful. Due to liking so many of the dresses, I had a tough time narrowing my options down to one. I turned to a handful of close friends and family members for help, but they ended up having vastly different opinions to which dress was my style or what looked good on me. I finally went back to the store by myself, and it was the staff that helped me make my final decision. 

The last part of that paragraph is the most important.

Everyone has their own opinion and the only one that matters is yours, so don't confuse yourself by involving everyone you know with this decision.

You know what you love.

Just trust yourself.

Amy's photographer, Whitney Lewis, captured some beautiful shots of her special day with, her now husband, Derek.

Thank you Amy for such a sweet letter.  

It was our pleasure to help you!


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