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The SS L.O.V.E.

Krista and Cam first met during high school while on a Caribbean cruise with their families. Their first date wasn't for a couple years later, after Cam's mission, but love started on the high seas.  

Cam took Krista to dinner and a movie for their first date. Two weeks later, after a 2 hour talk looking out over the valley, Cam got the courage to kiss Krista. A month later they were in love and engaged in January.

Cam tricked Krista into helping him look for files for his Dad at their storage shed. Krista opened a box to see if it was what she was looking for, inside she saw rose petals and a ring. Her first reaction was, "this isn't the right box." She then looked up and saw Cam on his knee with lights behind him that said, "Marry Me?"

Cam and Krista were married on June 23, 2012 in the Salt Lake LDS temple. 

The day after they were engaged, Krista bought a wedding magazine and fell in love with the dress on the cover. After 4 stores, Krista wandered into The Perfect Dress where she found THE perfect dress, the one from the magazine!!

Krista loved her seamstress. "She transformed a dress that was originally sleeveless and about 8 sizes too big into a dress I could wear that fit me like a glove. She was like a magician! The transformation was fantastic and the dress looked like it was made especially for me. It was truly perfect."

Cam thought Krista's dress was the prettiest dress he had ever seen. Krista received lots of compliments and loved her dress herself!!

Krista loved her whole wedding day! She loved being with friends and family. She cherished her dance with her father. She had a blast with her cake fight with Cam!


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