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Above photos Allyson James

Just because it's the day before Christmas doesn't mean we've seen the last of The Ice Princess and winter wedding.  Not by a long shot.  Last week we looked at a few wraps for the winter bride.  Today we're zoning in on just about everything else you'll need on your wedding day or engagement party to keep warm and toasty . . . .  

The Cape: Photo 1:  Covering your gown with a cape is ideal—they’re roomy which equals warm and won’t squish your dress. Add in the hood factor and you have a convertible headpiece.
The Muff: Photo 1 & 2/:Add a muff (maybe instead of a bouquet) and your hands stay toasty.
Stoles, Wraps and Shrugs: Photos 2,3,4 & 5/ Wraps and stoles are great for bare-armed brides. They may look skimpy and I thought so myself till my mother made me one to go out one New Year’s Eve. It was white velvet, lined inside with batting (stuff you put in quilts). I was incredibly warm all night. As for fur, faux is chic now and surprisingly warm too. 
The Fur Hat: Bottom photos/Want to skip the veil or cage? Since hands and head are what you need to keep warm to stay warm, hats in fur or faux fur are incredibly heat conducive and a chic way to go!
Gloves: Add opera length gloves with a wrap or stole if you’re going sleeveless. Long gloves can be great substitutes for sleeves due to the insulation factor they provide.


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