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This is just the right time of year to talk about all the great gift books out there perfect for the bride to be or quintessential junkie who just loves weddings and all that go with them.  Since it's only December 4th there's still time to order for the holidays without the stress of rush orders and out of stock issues.  First off and released on October 30th is, Vogue Weddings: Brides, Dresses, Designers, the ultimate art book about everything wedding that's happened inside the pages of Vogue since it's inception. This brainchild of editor, Anna Winatour was edited and brought to life by Hamish Bowles and Chloe Malle.  You'll find this a kind of discriminating bride's encyclopedia zeroing in on weddings with 400 photographs to swoon over.  So if perchance you want to know what it's like to get hitched in style if you're royalty, a social icon, model, musician or designer who has graced the covers and guts of Vogue--this is your book.
Though not exactly a new release, Vera Wang on Weddings is one of my favorite books on the subject;  From invitations to table settings, everything Vera talks about is inspiring and timeless.  I especially loved reading the sections devoted to the construction of the dress, how to choose it as well as the right fabrics and materials.  A truly beautiful book with exquisite photography . . .
Last year I found this fabulous book under the tree with love from my hubby. I sat down on Christmas Day and read it front to cover. I especially love The Wedding Dress because it delves into all the history.   From 1700 onward, Edwina Ehrman's tour de force  is a pictorial history of what brides have worn and why. It's also written from a British perspective--covering a different experience for brides in Post War Europe (as opposed to the US) where fabric shortages existed right up till the 1950s.  I also enjoyed reading about how bridal fashion and British designers of the swinging 1960s really influenced the industry.  In addition, anyone into fashion history will find this coffee table gem chock full of gorg photos-- a real boon. 


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