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Once upon a time not too long ago, a hat perched atop a bride's head instead of a long flowing veil was society's code for second time around brides or a woman over forty tying the knot.  Fast forward a few years and the bridal hat has a whole new identity. Today, wearing one on your wedding day has more to do with creating a style savvy statement that defines you. If you're considering opting for a hat to top off your wedding day look, you have a whole array of choices out there from wide-brimmed picture hats to small fascinators  titled on the side of the head with wisps of netting.  Here are a few of my faves . . .
Cocktail Hats-Include toques, pancakes and beanies to name just a few.  Small and brimless, these hats sit tilted or perched atop the head, usually accented with flowers or a spray of long feathers; a cover of net or nose veil typically wraps all or part of the face.   All cocktail hats look great with upswept hair and most silhouettes.  These above by Batcakes Couture  add a touch of whimsy with marabou and ostrich feathers
Fascinators-A sort of hybrid between head band and cocktail hat, a fascinator is a hair decoration fastened to a band or comb with accents of either feathers, beads, crystals or florals.  The ones pictured above are by Batcakes Couture

Photos by Stephanie Williams Photography

Dresses by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride
First photo of picture Hat by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride


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