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Keeping Your Gown Wedding Day Ready

Sometimes when we give a Bride her gown to take home, she will act almost as confused as Miss Utah.

Bless her heart
And we totally get it!

Having your Wedding Dress in your own safe keeping can be a little stressful.

Brides always ask us if we can hold on to their dress in our back room for them until they need it and even though we would love to, we just can't.

Here's why.

If we held on to every gown we sold for Brides, our back room would look like an episode from Hoarders, but without the gross dead animals.  And the old food.  And the stacks of newspapers.


It would be nothing like Hoarders, but it would be WAAAY too crowded!

We sell a lot of gowns and we would hate to misplace or have something happen to your gown, so it's best if it stays with you.

Here are some tips to keep your Wedding Gown looking perfect for your Wedding Day.

1.  Store your Wedding Gown in a room that nobody goes in.  It might be a guest room, an office or if you're like some of us, your workout room.

Oh... you actually use yours?

Yeah, so do we.

2.  Make sure that children and animals DO NOT go into this room!  We once had a poor Bride whose cat decided to do the tango with her dress one night.
You can imagine what happened.

3.  If you have found a room with these requirements, you will want to take the dress out of it's bag, bring the train down and hang the gown high up so that it won't get wrinkled.

Like this

Just make sure that your gown is not in the sun or anywhere that water could get to it.

4.  Need to get a few wrinkles out of your dress and veil, but don't own a steamer?  Just hang them up in your bathroom when you are taking a shower and the warm steam will soften them.  Keep the water away from your gown though.

If you follow these steps we can't promise that everything else on your Wedding Day will be perfect, but at least your Wedding Gown will be!


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