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Pros and Cons of Buying a Sample Wedding Gown Off the Rack

Why don't we talk about the Pros and Cons about buying an in stock, sample wedding gown.

Lists are nice. 

It seems more clear cut and precise.

So, let's do a list.

Pros of buying your wedding gown off the rack:


 1.  From now on, your wedding gown will never leave your sight.  You can bring it home, lock it up in a pet and childproof closet and when you're feelin' lonely, take it out and whisper sweet nothings to it. 

 2.  Because it's been in the shop and been tried on a few times, there might be some snags or a little bit of dirt.  We know what you're thinking, "shouldn't that be a con"?  Well if you think saving money is a con then you're right.  If you like to save a few hundred dollars on a designer gown then this is a pro.  The gown will be marked down from the original price and most of time, snags and dirt can be easily fixed   

 3.  If you have a quick engagement you won't have to wait the weeks that it can take to get your gown in. 

 4.  You can get started ASAP with your alterations. 

 5.  You don't have to pay for shipping. 

 6.  And most importantly, it cuts down on anxiety and worry. 

 Cons about buying your wedding dress off of the rack.

 1.  You are probably buying a sample, which means that it is around a size 8 to 12.  If you are smaller or bigger than that it means that you will need  alterations.  One of the best reasons to get your dress from The Perfect Dress is that we have the best Seamstresses and this is something that can be easily done and will look fantastic!

 Honestly, that is the only Con we can think of.

For many Brides, buying a Sample off of the rack is the way to go and the only person that will know that it's not a brand spankin' new special ordered gown is you!

...and us.

But we will keep it our little secret.


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