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While brides continue to break tradition on all fashion fronts--lately it' s with pants.  Almost every bridal wear designer has included some pant variation into recent collections whether it be a pantsuit, jumpsuit like the Viktor and Rolf below or the on trend dress and pant combos above.  Believe me, I've dressed a lot of brides and some women just can’t get into wearing a dress even on their wedding day; you could say pantsuits are becoming a stylish alternative. Pant legs can vary from slim cigarette widths to wide culotte cuts.  If you're wearing a jacket with your suit, jacket styles are key to characterizing your look. Do you want the more open and romantic look of a 3/4 length coat or do you feel more comfortable in a man-tailored jacket?
Accessorizing your pantsuit with a bridal touch is one of the ways you can customize it for a wedding. Everyday buttons on a jacket for instance can be replaced with fabric covered or jeweled ones. Your jacket can also have couture techniques such as hand-bound buttonholes. Shorter veils like cages or poufs of netting go great with pantsuits. If you’re not the veil type, consider a hat or headpiece that compliments. Hats and suits go together, especially a hat with some kind of veiling over the eyes. It takes the place of a blusher and offers a certain sophistication to being veiled rather than that symbolic (God Forbid!!) ‘being given away’ business.
Photos via Stylosophy///Photo 7 by Viktor and Rolf via Loveolio


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